Frequently Asked Questions

What does LJA Reviews do?

With LJA Reviews, your business can easily generate, manage, and amplify online reviews across Google, Facebook, BBB, and 200+ review sites. Getting new reviews helps you rank higher, boosts your online reputation, and attracts more customers to your business.

Why should my business respond to reviews?

Responding to reviews does more than build trust and show potential customers you care about their experience. It’s an effective way to reverse negative customer sentiment and improve your overall rating.

Can LJA Reviews help me rank higher on Google?

Yes. Google considers the number of positive reviews a company has as part of its page rank algorithm. We help you create a steady stream of fresh reviews — helping you rank higher in Google Search, Facebook, and Yelp. The more reviews you get, the better your rank.

Can LJA Reviews integrate with my CRM?

Yes we can and you should! By integrating with over 3,000+ unique CRMs, PMSs, and other apps like Salesforce and Hubspot, you can automate your review requests and get time back to run your business..

How does LJA help me manage negative reviews?

We alert you the minute a negative review is posted so you can take swift action before the situation escalates. And in case of fake or slanderous reviews, you can flag them directly within Google and request its removal.

What are the main capabilities of LJA Reviews?

Generate and manage reviews from 200+ review sites
Manage all customer communication from one inbox
Respond to reviews easily with templates and rules
Amplify reviews to your website, social, paid ads, and search
Track reviews, NPS, response times, and more from one dashboard

Do my employees have to manage another software platform?

LJA Reviews provides everything as a service for a flat monthly fee. You and your employees don’t have to learn another tool, spend time in yet another dashboard, or even worry about the integration. We do all the work for you so you can just enjoy the results.

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